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FedTronix high quality Micro-Soldering service. Some devices need a little more TLC then others. In the tech world this is equivalent to open hear surgery, but this is for electronics. When the issue is board related and it will not take a simple repair to get the job done. FedTronix has the tools and experienced Techs to take it to the level when needed. We offer an array of services and repairs for iPhones, iPads, Game Consoles, mother boards. One of the most common issues are the Touch disease that is most common with the iPhone 6 Plus Repair; where the phone simply does not allow you to touch or scroll the screen consistently. Eventually the touch function goes away all together. This is where we step in. Call today to ask about our Mail to Us Service. If you are a company call about our Wholesale discounts. You send in the repair we send it back, its that easy. Here are some common repairs

  • - Touch IC
  • - Back Light Filter
  • - Game Console HDMI Replacement
  • - Long Screw Damage
  • - Long Screw Damage
  • - Water Damage Cleaning
  • - No Touch Solution
  • - iPad Pro LCD Repair Soldering Only
  • - Much much more......
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  • The IPAD I use frequently at work stopped working. It was not able charge at all and my boss allowed me to bring it to FedTronix to see if it could be repaired. A friend told me about FedTronix and I had a coupon so I brought it in. Fed the owner and Kyle the repair technician gave superior customer service and the tech is very knowledgeable about repairing devices. The IPAD needed a new charge port and new parts for the mother board which had to be micro soldered onto the mother board which takes a highly skilled technician. Once they did the diagnostic test and ordered the part they repaired it the same day the part came in and contacted me to let me know it was working like brand new. It's a clean store and you can also watch tv if you choose to wait, the customer service is superior and the pricing was very reasonable.

  • So i dropped my phone in water and it stopped working... obviously. Very concerned i asked about water damage repair. VERY competitive pricing and VERY rapid service and it was like having a new phone all over again. I started having some issues about a week later and didnt have time to take it in for a few weeks after and the tech took my phone explained the issue and fixed it NO QUESTIONS asked. Awesome, definitely my go-to repair shop now.

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