Where it all began

Every company has an interesting story on how it all began. I think my story is as interested as they come. It is sometimes by chance that somethings happen, especially when you are young and uncertain of what direction you are trying to head into. Back in 2010, I was most certainly that young man.

The True Story

It was the summer of 2010 and the Lakers had just beat the Boston Celtics and I was happy as can be, what would happen the next day would steer me in a direction that would forever change my life. The next morning I decided to read a magazine that I picked up from work and noticed an article on Selling items on Ebay for profit. I immediately started doing research and found out I had a think for selling products online. I would grab all types of things to sell, there was nothing like that feeling of the first sale. There was actual anxiety on my part, just thinking about when I would get my first bid or sale. I sold just about everything from shoes, clothes, books and Electronics. I looked at my overall sales and seen that Electronics were always my best sellers. Especially phones. I decided to start my own website where I would be able to sell Electronics. I got with a good friend of mines and set up a website, with a logo. Tough times, but we got through it. After selling Electronics and accessories for a while, I seen how repairs of electronics fit right into my category. So not only did I want to sell electronics I wanted to fix them as well. Seeing the smile on customers faces as they pick up there device after it stopped working was well worth it. I know have a passion for repairs and satisfying customers. FedTronix was started not to be the typical repair store, but to innovate and find ways to fix and do everything that makes customer happy in the electronics field. From fixing iPhones (don’t own one myself, I still am a big fan of Blackberry), to iPads, laptops, and TV’s. The FedTronix brand is about caring more about the customer and there device, than it is caring about making a sale or selling accessories. I really do feel electronics are cool, we truly want people to think we are cool and want to visit us. To think it all started with that magazine. How interesting.

– Antonio Desir


Check Out Our Store Front!

We now have a location in Sunrise FL. A phone repair, Electronics Repair store near you. We are extremely proud of the store and its presentation. We offer every service at this location from phone repair to micro soldering repairs as well. We renovated the location to our liking and get plenty of compliments about the floor; which I hand picked and brag about from time to time. If you are in the area stop by and see what we have to offer and how we can help. We are always here to provide free information when it comes to your electronics need.