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25 June 2017

The Next Generation of Tech
The iPhone X has arrived, and we’re ready to take a look at its new features!
The X has quite a few upgrades from the 8, with a 5.65” Super AMOLED display, a 2.39GHz hexa-core custom Apple CPU, and up to 256Gb internal storage. This puts it in a class comparable to Samsung’s current flagship phone, the Note 8. The X also comes with a sleek new back glass panel, an aesthetic upgrade never before seen on an iPhone.
The reparability, however, might not look as pretty. The iPhone X has the first major construction redesign since the iPhone 4, opening from the front panel, and using a very small board to make room for a two-cell extended battery. Many connections and components have been organized very neatly on the board to consolidate space, and front screen replacements remain easy to access. However, with the addition of the back glass panel, the phone is far more fragile than it used to be, and repairing the back glass panel requires the complete replacement of the attached parts, which is unfortunate considering how prone phones are to dropping. This may increase repair costs for the back glass panel, so we strongly advise our customers to purchase cases!
Despite the iPhone X being more fragile, we are not daunted by the task of repairing it! We will continue to offer the best rates we can, matching the prices of our competitors, and doing the best job possible.

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